News & Updates

  • We are glad to offer comprehensive training and pro support options toward next-generation data analytics;
  • Code refactoring for improved performance (04/29/2024);
  • Added KEGG pathway analysis support for Brugia malayi (bmy) (03/13/2024);
  • Added support for WormBase Transcript ID for C. elegans (02/12/2024);
  • Enabled GSEA support for Arabidopsis thaliana (ATH) (01/23/2024);
  • Upgraded to Java 17, R 3.4.2 and PrimeFaces 13.0.1 (12/20/2023);
  • Added support for two species E. andrei and O. nitens (11/26/2023);
  • Improved graphics and scientific notation handling for dose-response data sets to accommodate many dose groups with very low values (08/24/2023);
  • Minor bug fixes and code refactoring based on user feedback from OmicsForum (08/18/2023);
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